Fall Prevention: Tips and Good Habits

A fall can do more damage than expected so it’s important to be serious about your safety. Preventing a fall seems simple but can involve a lot of different things. Here some of the many ways to be safe and maintain peace of mind:

How to maintain ourselves

  1. Stay healthy, active and strong
  2. Eat well, exercise and walk
  3. Continue doing daily activities
  4. Do not get lazy; stay active and alert
  5. Stay involved in the community and with social activities
  6. Learn new things to keep your mind active (cell phones, computers and other gadgets)
  7. Watch TV and stay current about what is going around us
  8. Continue doing regular hobbies
  9. Join any club and be part of any organization

Create good safety habits

  1. Wear proper footwear
  2. Wear short dresses that won’t get caught around feet or objects
  3. Wear glasses and hearing aid if needed
  4. Use cane or a walker if prescribed
  5. Do not rush
  6. Try doing one thing at a time
  7. Get prepared food, or purchase frozen food, if cooking is difficult
  8. Avoid carrying groceries in both hands (keep one hand free) or use a buggy
  9. Get help with laundry and grocery shopping
  10. Get registered with Mobility Plus (Wheel-Trans)
  11. Have an important numbers list handy
  12. Have emergency contact info handy
  13. Have a list of medications handy
  14. Family members contact set up on speed dial on phone
  15. Go to exercise classes to get stronger, increase range of motion of hands and legs, fingers and wrists, ankles and toes, and to build endurance
  16. Know your limit, stop when get tired to prevent overdoing
  17. Use diary for appointments
  18. Have a family member or a friend call daily to check on you if you live alone

Prepare your environment to prevent falls

  1. Install a railing at the front entrance
  2. Remove loose area rugs
  3. Remove clutter
  4. Have a night light (automatic)
  5. Install grab bars in the washroom
  6. Use a shower chair in the washroom
  7. Install a long handle shower hose
  8. Clean up spills immediately
  9. Get answering machine on the phone so you’re not rushing

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