Physical and Mental Tips For When You Are North of 60

Tips and tools to use when facing challenges during your golden age. For the Zoomer, the Boomer, and anyone north of 60 years old.

Let’s talk about physical challenges today.

**Weakness….feeling tired, lack of energy, motivation, and desire to do anything…..

What To Do: exercise, walk, swim, jog, and continue doing regular day to day activities, eat well and don’t be the couch/chair Potato (TV or Computer)

**Joint pain….

What To Do: take pain meds as prescribed or over the counter ones, exercise, walk, swim, jog and continue doing regular day to day activities to prevent stiffness, weakness and depression

**Decreased hearing and vision….impacts on communication, causes huge problems such as misunderstanding, miscommunication, isolation, boredom & depression

What To Do: wear glasses to prevent falls and to be able to read and write, use a hearing aid, inform others about limitations so they repeat, speak slowly and clearly

**Incontinence problem….

What To Do: establish a toilet routine, wear protection, and do not avoid social and community activities due to this issue, because if we stop going out, we will face all of the above issues as well as we will be ignored and eventually left out

**Breathing issues…..

What To Do: take meds as per prescription, use puffers, Oxygen, stay out of bed, pace yourself if you get tired but stay active, it helps with opening lungs and prevents pneumonia. If we stay in bed, we will get blood clot, which can get stuck anywhere in the body and cause serious harm. If it gets in the heart, we get a heart attack, if it gets in the brain, we get a stroke and if goes in the lungs, we get pneumonia and very soon we go to heaven with a free ticket

**Digestive issues……indigestion, bloating and constipation

What To Do: eat well; vegetables and fruits help with digestion and elimination. Both of these systems work together; one fails and the other fails as well. To prevent that dual action failure, exercise, walk, jog, swim and continue doing day to day activities

You can probably notice that most problems can be avoided by being active & staying involved in day to day activities and reducing intensity & pacing yourself, but do not stop at any cost. We all know: “if we do not use it, we lose it”. So no matter what: stay active, healthy, happy, positive & involved! It helps with preventing all upcoming problems. If a problem has already occurred, it helps to reduce intensity and gives us the ability to fight and bounce back.

Use it or lose it…. Your choice.

Lorraine Green

Directory of Care – GreenLaFleur

GL Homecare


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