The Kids Are Away

The kids are away, and the aging parents want to stay in their homes…..

This is becoming a very common theme. The parents bought their home sometime in the 40s or 50s. This is where the kids were born; this is where the kids attended school, church, camp; this is their neighbourhood. The kids grow up. The kids go off to college or university. Sometimes the kids come back and get settled for a while and start their own lives. Sometimes they never come back after post-secondary education.

The fact is life continues to change. The kids are starting their lives and their families and the parents continue to age. During the aging process one or both parents are diagnosed with a disease or some health related issue.

Jump forward to 2017. The kids are working adults, they live in a different city, a different province or a different country. The parents are now in their late 80s or their early 90s. Mom and/or Dad are still living in their home and they want to remain in their own home. They love their home. They’re comfortable in their home.  We have a happy situation for a few years… and then one day… life changes.

The parents get sick, the kids are away, frantic panic starts. The kids cannot get back home or the kids may be able to come back and visit but cannot stay with the parents for any extended period of time. The parents need help!

As we all know, life happens. Preparation offers a sense of security and will lessen the shock and burden of trying to rush planning in the midst of a diagnosis or event. I would highly recommend that kids and their parents go through the process of selecting in-home care that will be in place and start only when the parents are in need. At home services should be selected for home maintenance, repairs, meals, transportation and certainly caregiving service for the parents in times of illness.

I had a recent case of this situation where the aging parent lived in Aurora, Ontario and the Daughter lived in Kelowna, British Columbia:

“When mom required assistance after being hospitalized, her wish was to remain in her home. With the care and companionship provided by the dedicated support workers at Green Lafleur homecare, this was possible.  Living 2000 miles away was difficult, but knowing mom was happy in her home, and receiving the best possible care, made the situation much easier. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for kind, compassionate care for their loved one. ”

– Susan Vincent

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Lorraine Green

Managing Director @ GreenLaFleur Homecare


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